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California Regulator Approves Sabio Coding Bootcamp

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 20, 2016 - Sabio, a Los Angeles-based software engineering program, works with highly motivated and smart individuals wanting to transition to software engineering professions, has been approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). 

Because of the rapid growth of coding boot camps, standardized audits of coding schools training programs weren’t sanctioned by the government or third-party agencies. However, the recent BPPE approval is the first step in becoming an authorized educational provider to help consumers determine whether a coding boot camp is a legitimate provider of post-secondary education.

“Our goal is to provide a solid educational foundation in programming languages so that we produce exceptional Full Stack Web Developers,” Gregorio Rojas, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Sabio said. “Since there isn’t an accrediting body for coding boot camps, it’s important that potential boot camp students are clear about what to expect from code schools. BPPE certification will help protect the interests of students who want to learn to program languages because our code school meets the standards for instructional quality that are set by the state.”

“We are extremely proud of becoming BPPE approved. One of our goals at Sabio is to help diversify the technology workforce. Often students of color get scammed by schools that have not been approved by a government agency or accrediting body. Now people who want to learn to code will have another way of evaluating prospective code schools,” Liliana Monge, Sabio’s co-founder said.

Sabio is the second code school in Los Angeles County to receive approval from the California BPPE. This comes at a time when Sabio continues to expand its reach within Southern California.

Los Angeles City Council Member Felipe Fuentes of the 7th District is thrilled to welcome Sabio to Pacoima.

The Entrepreneur Center is opening its doors to new frontiers for our community members,” said Fuentes. “Thanks to a partnership with Sabio, we will be providing tech training programs and supportive services for tech start-ups and people who want to become tech professionals. We are cultivating and nurturing a tech industry in order to provide opportunities for our residents in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. I believe Pacoima will be included in all technology related discussions throughout the region. Pretty soon, jobs of the 21st century will be created in Pacoima.”

Since Sabio’s inception nearly three years ago, it has increased the number of boot camp graduates by 250%, tripled the number of full-time instructors, quadrupled the number of part-time instructors, and has maintained a 95% job placement rate for its job-seeking graduates. In July, Sabio graduated its 100th Fellow and plans on opening a third location in Southern California by the end of the calendar year.

Sabio is the only minority/women-owned and operated web developer training program in the country. Co-founder Gregorio Rojas’s strong professional history working in large tech companies informs the program’s web development curriculum. The project-based curriculum enables Sabio fellows to work on real-world projects to develop and refine their skills.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Liliana Aide Monge at or (562) 307-7589.


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