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Gilbert W. used to work for Xytech Systems as a solution consultant, but his role was more of a business analyst. Xytech produces an enterprise focused application, MediaPulse, that helps entertainment and media companies. In his role at Xytech, Gilbert worked with both clients and the development team. He would work with programmers to test functionality and that the requests from the clients were addressed properly. While he wasn't directly involved in development in this old job, he was involved in the software development life cycle. His interest in software development grew out of working with the development team; he enjoyed seeing products come to life.

On the weekends, Gilbert would go online and work through the resources on Codecademy and Kahn Academy to gain skills so he could help out with his job. He started to learn SQL on the job and then would ask developers how to do certain things. The development team started to suggest that he go into web developing. Gilbert started to research coding bootcamps and attended an info session with Gregorio, Sabio's co-founder and CTO.

"Sabio seemed really legit, and I liked what Gregorio was saying. He really seemed to know what he was talking about, so I decided to go to Sabio," Gilbert said.

Last week Gilbert received a job offer at AmaWaterways, a luxury based cruise line in Calabasas. This Cohort 17 graduate will be a front-end developer. He will be working on the company's website. He will be earning $21,000 more than he was at his last job.

"My Sabio experience is something I would never trade away. Coming out of a coding bootcamp, I felt confident in my abilities. I felt that I can pick up other programming languages and continue to grow," Gilbert said.

Congrats Gilbert!

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