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Kevin Lee is a current Sabio fellow (Cohort 21) and a recent college graduate. He graduated from UCLA with an English degree a year ago, and before coming to Sabio, he was working with a mobile gaming company. He really liked 'all things web related' because he had some some coding experience working for the Daily Bruin. Kevin started to search the internet for bootcamps and found the reviews for Sabio on CourseReport.

"All of these people were posting really good reviews about Sabio, and these reviews made me think hard about Sabio. Sabio's website really resonated with me, but I did check out other bootcamp websites too like MakerSquare so I could compare the program offerings," Kevin said.

Sabio's information session was the only open house that Kevin attended, and he felt comfortable with the environment that he experienced so he decided to study with Sabio. 

Spencer Lee, a Sabio fellow who recently graduated with Cohort 16, said that he would tell anyone who is looking to learn how to code to use Google. "At first, people might not know a lot about bootcamps. They might have heard of General Assembly, but they probably won't know the names of the smaller bootcamps," Spencer said. Spencer said that using Google to narrow in on bootcamps in your local area would be a good first step and added that any aspiring developer should get comfortable with searching online to find solutions and how to guides.

Like Kevin, Spencer found CourseReport and read through the reviews and saw that Sabio had the best reviews in the area. Spencer said that he's good at finding fake reviews and felt that the Sabio reviews were not fake because they were very specific and detailed.

"If you read reviews that are very specific, you can probably trust that feedback, whereas reviews that are very vague are more likely to be fake," Spencer said.

Spencer also had a few friends who went to General Assembly, and his friends who went through the General Assembly bootcamp did not find jobs as developers with salaries that were at market rates. He acknowledged that his friends' experiences might not be reflective of the general population that attends General Assembly, but he took their experiences into consideration when he decided to train at Sabio.

So if you are looking for a coding bootcamp, the internet is your friend! And check out the reviews of any bootcamp that you are considering on CourseReport.

(Photo: Kevin on the left with the ice cream, and Spencer is pictured on the right)

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