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Jimmy Muga started playing with programming as a teen. Back in 2009-2010, he was running a small web design business with his roommate who was a graphic designer. At that time, he knew some HTML and CSS. Shortly thereafter, he was offered a position at TMZ, the entertainment website.

Jimmy's position at TMZ involved managing ads on the website, but once he started working there, TMZ offered immense opportunities to learn programming. First, he learned PHP and then JavaScript and C#. Gregorio, Sabio's co-founder, was brought on to work at TMZ, and this was instrumental for Jimmy because Gregorio was really knowledgable about C#. Gregorio then left to devote more time to starting Sabio, but Jimmy continued to immerse himself into programming languages.

Around 2014, Gregorio asked Jimmy if he wanted to start teaching C# at night in the pre-work phase of the program. Jimmy thought to himself, "I really don't know something until I have to teach it," and he took Gregorio up on the offer. He started teaching for Sabio part-time in the evening, and he loved seeing the growth in the fellows from when they were in the pre-work phase of the program with him to when they graduated after being in the immersive bootcamp.

After five years at TMZ, Jimmy was offered a full-time time teaching position at Sabio, but he sees the position as more of a lead developer because he's guiding fellows through a project. Since spring of this year, he's been teaching for Sabio shadowing the other instructors Gregorio and John. In July, Jimmy took over his first cohort in the San Fernando Valley.

As for Sabio's expansion in the San Fernando Valley, Jimmy said, "There's a lot of growth that can happen in the San Fernando Valley. Tech brings growth and prosperity. I am hoping that our new location with the mix of people who are out here with different economic backgrounds will bring new opportunities for people."

Worth noting, Jimmy served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2001-2006, and while he was in the Marines, he studied information systems at National University. He said that studying a related field (but his major wasn't programming) was helpful to making his transition professionally into programming, but he says that people can definitely learn to code without a related degree.

Congrats Jimmy on becoming a full-time instructor in the San Fernando Valley!

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