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Meet Mike McGranahan, new bootcamp instructor!

By Adriana - August 15, 2016 No Comments
Mike comes to Sabio with an extensive background in software development. Driven by curiosity and the desire to challenge himself, he has worked for different organizations that range from higher education to social media. Most recently, he was a full-stack developer for Stack Overflow, a start up that has been around for about six years. Stack Overflow is a site that accepts questions about programming. When he started to look at other opportunities, Mike found Sabio and was intrigued because of the mission to try to diversify the technology industry.

While he doesn't have any direct teaching experience, Mike says that he has always gravitated towards junior developers and helping them out. He considers himself a great listener and takes the time to figure out where developers on his team are. He prefers to take a slightly slower approach to coding so that the foundation for building something is magnified and more useful. Mike said, "I'm interested in focusing on the long-term investment of the team and the tools."

When he was at Stack Overflow, Mike was involved in some efforts to bring more women into the technology community. One of the programs that he was involved in was to bring the highest performing women from the Flat Iron bootcamp and pair those women with developers at Stack Overflow. Mike was drawn to this program and felt good about his involvement in this effort. With his existing experience working with people who are new to coding, Sabio's mission to bring people of color and women into the field appealed to him. Mike was also involved in meet-ups for the Girl Develop It when he worked at Stack Overflow and would volunteer his time to answer questions about projects that the women in that program were involved in.

Formally, Mike does have some academic training in computer science, but he ended up completing his bachelor's degree in political science.

Mike will start working with our cohort that begins today in Culver City. Welcome to the Sabio team Mike!

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