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Sabio Fellow Builds Web App for United Way

By SaraChicaD - August 22, 2016 No Comments
I completed my first software consulting contract this year. I graduated from Sabio less than two years ago. Although neither of those things was easy to complete, I’m certainly proud of both — though I couldn’t have done one without the other.

When I decided to attend Sabio’s bootcamp in the summer of 2014 I knew I was going to have to make drastic adjustments to my life and sacrifices in order to be successful. The bootcamp was intense, but I got through it; finding a job took longer than I’d hoped, but I succeeded — and thrived.

Once I’d been at my first software job for a time I thought about one of the original reasons I wanted to attend Sabio: my entrepreneurial spirit.

To that end, I began a search for contract work — I submitted a proposal, had several interviews, and landed the gig. The client was United Way for Greater Austin and the project was to build a responsive payment site that allowed users to give continuously to United Way.

You can see the project here.

I learned a great deal of lessons during the course of completing this project, here’s a short breakdown of them.

- You’re only as good as your team. Make sure you have a stellar team before you take on any project.
- Always be flexible — things will change and you have to be prepared to go with it.
- Be as explicit as you can about everything, especially expectations.
- Do what it takes to deliver. You may have to eat costs, or do things twice to make sure they’re done correctly.

This first contract is hopefully the first of many and as I look forward to projects down the road I hope that I’ll continue to work with awesome people to produce great work. I’m currently looking for more work, and am excited to think of the possibilities.

Being able to run my own business, and act as an entrepreneur — even while I’m working full-time — is a great opportunity that I’m excited to pursue. As a woman, as a Latina, I’m proud that I can work in the tech industry and create opportunities for other “non traditional” developers.

I’m appreciative to Sabio for all of the support and training that helped make this dream come true. It’s worth noting that, while I was working on this project, I was working full-time at my first job, and then transitioned to my second full-time software job. With Sabio you feel like you can do anything!

Check out my work on this project here.                                              


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