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Sarah Reece is earning $25,000 more than she was at her last job

By Adriana - August 22, 2016 No Comments
Before she came to Sabio, Sarah Reece was a manager for a psychological testing center. In that role, she administered evaluations for people who have learning and intellectual disabilities and took care of administrative work as well.

"There was nowhere to advance to. I was managing the center but wasn't making the kind of money that I wanted, and without a master's degree in family therapy or a Ph.D. in psychology, I couldn't really get ahead," Sarah said.

Sarah started to research other careers that she might find rewarding, and that is how she stumbled upon coding. She started to do a bit of coding on her own, and then decided that she wanted to go for it and enrolled in Sabio's coding bootcamp.

Gregorio Rojas, Sabio's co-founder, was Sarah's bootcamp instructor. "Gregorio was a fantastic instructor. I liked his approach of putting us in a workplace, so we could get a lot of experience knowing what we would be doing when we started our new career," Sarah said.

Recently, Sarah graduated with cohort 17. She received a job offer before she graduated from coding bootcamp with a local company that builds artificial intelligence for telecommunications. Sarah will be earning $25,000 more than she was earning at her last job, and she starts her new position today. Now that she has new professional skills, Sarah feels that she could go anywhere because so many organizations need a software developer.

As for how quickly someone can change careers by learning how to code in a bootcamp program, Sarah said, "It almost sounds too good to be true that after 12 weeks of training, you could have a new career, but it's actually quite achievable."

Congratulations Sarah!

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