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Before coming to Sabio, Spencer Lee was working in marketing for the past two years. Because it's rather difficult to find a sociology related job with just a bachelor's degree, he sort of fell into marketing. When he was in college, he started to pick up programming because his father suggested that he try to learn how to code.

"Marketing itself has so many branches and facets. I wasn't bored with it, but I realized that I liked coding better. While I was working, I was enrolled in community college to prepare to go back for a master's degree in statistics. But then I found out about Sabio, and the end goal of Sabio is to be a programmer, which appealed to me," Spencer said.

Spencer then weighed the pros and cons of doing a master's degree in statistics vs. going to Sabio. Sabio won out because it was a shorter program and was cheaper. Plus Sabio is a full-time coding program, and Spencer liked that math wasn't really needed.

"Ultimately I wanted to end up coding something by going into either web development or statistical programming," Spencer said. "I felt that with a general programming background that I could go into more directions."

Spencer graduated with Cohort 16 at the end of June. On Monday, he starts a new position with a financial technology start up. His new position will involve working on the same technology stack that he worked on at Sabio. And with his new skills, Spencer will now be earning $20,000 more than he was at his last job in marketing.

Congrats Spencer!

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