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Meet Billy Martin, Sabio Fellow, and #VetsHack Hackathon Winner!

By Adriana - September 13, 2016 No Comments

Billy Martin is an Army veteran, and he recently graduated with Sabio's Cohort 16 back in June 2016. Before learning how to code, he had been going to nursing school and working full-time in the security industry protecting executives and celebrities. Billy decided to leave the nursing path behind because he has an entrepreneurial spirit. Billy started looking for coding bootcamps, and he found Sabio and met with Gregorio Rojas, Sabio's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. He felt inspired by Sabio's mission to diversify the tech workforce. As a Mexican-American, efforts to bring in people who have a background similar to his own are important. 

Currently, Billy is enrolled in Antioch University Los Angeles. He learned how to code at Sabio through the Certificate in Web Development program, a partnership between Sabio and Antioch. Billy was fortunate to have the college credits that he had earned at two other schools be accepted by Antioch. He plans to finish his Bachelor's of Science in Applied Technology and Business Leadership. 

The Coding bootcamp concept really appealed to Billy because he was interested in programming, but he didn't want to spend the time earning a computer science degree. He came to Sabio with the goal of learning how to code so that he can become an entrepreneur to build his own products to sell. Sabio Cohort 18 is in the process of building a product for Billy that will be used in the security industry. Billy is leading that project with his experience and knowledge of issues that arise in private security.

Last weekend, Billy and his team took first place at VetsHack and won $3,000. The Hackathon was sponsored by Facebook and GitHub. He and his team created VetChat an app for veterans who can reach out to fellow veteran mentors so they can talk through issues that they are having with peer mentors via annonymous SMS. Veterans can use this app anonymously so they can share thoughts, issues they are going through, etc. The idea is that this app can help prevent suicides and help veterans talk through issues they might be facing with mentors who have been screened and selected by VetChat to assist. Billy and his team plan to continue working on the app to make it fully functional.

Congrats Billy!

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