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Elbert has been working in the insurance industry before he came to Sabio to learn to code. Before researching bootcamps, he wasn't sure how he could make a career transition into technology.

"I always liked technology, but I didn't think that making the transition would be attainable. I thought that I would have to go back to college to make the switch," Elbert said.

After visiting a few code schools near where he lived, Elbert attended a pre-work session at the Sabio Orange County location. He really clicked with Aaron, the lead instructor in Orange County. Elbert was struck by how genuine Aaron was, but he couldn't start the bootcamp at the time that the next Orange County cohort was starting. So Elbert decided to attend the Sabio bootcamp in Culver City in Cohort 17 even though he lived in Orange County because the start date was a better fit for his schedule. Gregorio Rojas, Sabio's CTO and co-founder, was Elbert's instructor.

"Gregorio really wants us to succeed, and he's kind of strict. But it all pays off," Elbert said.

Ultimately, Elbert chose Sabio because he liked the level of support that the fellows received, whereas other bootcamps gave him the impression that they cared more about making money.

Elbert did not have a background in programming languages. He had attended a small post-secondary school that wasn't fully accredited some years ago because he needed to complete a degree quickly.

"I would recommend Sabio to all my friends who are in between jobs or who don't have a clear career path. It was really tough, but since you are around the fellows for about 70 hours per week, it starts to feel like family. Now whenever one of us gets a job, we take each other out to dinner. It's a community environment," Elbert explained.

Since completing bootcamp, Elbert has found a job with Upfront Inc. in Newport Beach where he's a front end web developer. Elbert is now earning $30,000 more per year than he was when he was working in the insurance industry.

Congrats Elbert!

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