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Ai was working in marketing and felt stuck, so she decided to #LearnToCode

By Adriana - October 31, 2016 No Comments
Ai M. studied advertising in college at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She had experience working in both advertising and marketing. Additionally, she had worked in Japan and Korea. Most recently, Ai had worked in brand marketing.

Last year Ai moved to Los Angeles, and as she was looking for work, she decided that she would try something new. In her last position in Korea, she was getting bored and wasn't learning as much as she wanted to. One of her friends is a web developer, and her friend suggested that Ai take online classes to see if she liked it.

"I wasn't moving forward with my career, and I wasn't really learning. When I was looking for a new career, I wanted something where I would constantly be learning, and web developer positions kept coming up," Ai said.

Ai started studying on Codecademy and really liked it. She did some research on bootcamps and attended an info session. From there, she decided to attend Sabio. The proximity to where she lived and the way that Gregorio (Sabio's CTO and Co-founder) answered questions made Ai feel comfortable with the program.

A start up that builds apps for the real estate industry hired Ai three weeks out of bootcamp (she graduated with Cohort 18). Ai's title is Associate Developer.

"The experience that I had with Sabio was amazing. It wasn't just a bootcamp experience. I also got to meet amazing people -- it's a community. I feel like I always have a place to go to ask for help and advice. It's important to me to be around supportive people when I'm learning," Ai said.

Congrats Ai on your new position and new career!

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