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Dhara P. was working in accounting on a freelance basis and had worked for a few seasons as a tax preparer. In addition, she had also worked helping her parents manage their business. Dhara had studied business in college and had taken some accounting courses, but she hadn't finished her degree.

"My mom is an accountant, and one of her clients is a software developer. My mom mentioned that I was interested in technology to him, and after communicating with him, he set up some small database projects working with SQL for me to work on. Also, my cousin Brijesh went to Sabio. I went to an info session and started pre-work, and from there decided to do the program," Dhara said. 

Dhara attended Sabio in Culver City, graduating in Cohort 14. After finishing her Sabio training, Dhara went to work for Begagig in San Francisco, a start up founded by Sabio fellows Nicki Klein and Melissa Hargis. She worked in an all female developer team working out of a house in San Francisco. Working with five women was an empowering experience for her coming right out of coding bootcamp. 

"It was a fun experience. We were in the house coding all day, but I learned a lot," Dhara said. 

Dhara's stint with Betagig is now over, but she just received a job offer to be a software developer and is going through the onboarding process with her new employer now. At 26 years of age, Dhara has already worked in accounting, in a start up environment, and is now on her way to work as a full-time software developer. She's excited about earning more money in a steady position instead of freelancing as an accountant and tax preparer.  

Congrats Dhara! 

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