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Michael Chu was working as a financial advisor for MassMutual before coming to Sabio. He had been working in finance since finishing college, but he was looking for a change professionally.

"As an advisor, I was chasing too many clients. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. I have two older brothers who work in finance, and their friends were talking about in-demand jobs. They mentioned computer programmers as being in demand and popular with recruiters. One of my brothers friends runs the IT department at UCLA, and he had been hiring a web developer. His friend mentioned that out of all of the candidates he interacted with, he was most impressed with the two who graduated from Sabio. So I didn't do any research for other bootcamps. I took this recommendation and decided to go to Sabio," Michael said.

Michael was also looking for career stability.

"There's more money in finance. I was doing ok, but there is also a lot of volatility in sales. I felt like I needed more stability, which is why I wanted to do this," Michael said.

Aaron Gibson's instructional style was positive for Michael. Before coming to Sabio, Michael considered himself to be not very tech savvy. Growing up, he didn't play around with computers that much, and he doesn't play video games. He mostly used the computer for work on documents and spreadsheets. In college, Michael was a political science major.

"I think Aaron was the best fit for me as an instructor given my personality. He did a good job of having individual students work on tasks that we needed extra help with. Aaron was able to assess everyone's strengths and weaknesses," Michael explained. "I thought that I was going to be in a hole and always playing catch up, but the instructor helped me keep the same pace as the class."

Michael will be working with Majestic Home Loans in Rancho Cucamonga as a web developer. He found his new position within a week and recently graduated with Sabio Cohort 20.

Congrats Michael!

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