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Sabio helped Jhamar find focus in his life, now he's a front end developer

By Adriana - October 5, 2016 1 Comment
Jhamar grew up in Inglewood and Compton, and he had been attending college at San Diego State University working on a computer science degree. He didn't like the curriculum too much, but he has always had ideas to build apps.

Last year, Jhamar took a semester off to try to learn coding by himself. Realizing that he needed more formal studies, he returned back to school and then started to look for bootcamps. During this time, he had been working in retail at a local mall. He stumbled upon Sabio in his research and decided to attend an info session. After meeting Gregorio, Sabio's CTO and co-founder, he decided to enroll in bootcamp.

Jhamar just graduated with Cohort 18 last weekend, and he has already been hired as a front end engineer at Reality Check Systems. He's excited to begin his new position, and he will be making double the amount that he was earning in retail. Jhamar is only 24 years old, and now he has a professional level position that will allow him to pursue his passions and continue his degree at San Diego State University.

Before he enrolled in Sabio, Jhamar had recently lost his grandmother, who was a pivotal figure in his life. "I needed something to prove to myself that there is something else waiting for me in my future. Sabio saved my life in a sense," Jhamar said. Sabio provided the skills that he needed to take things to the next level professionally.

John Darragh was Jhamar's instructor. He found the instruction to be very practical and clear, which was different than the typical computer science courses that he has been in.

One of Jhamar's goals is to be a mentor and friend to other people of color who want to work in technology. He is thinking about organizing a meet up for Black software developers in Los Angeles.

As he looks into the future, Jhamar is eager to learn as much as he can in his new job and wants to continue to work on his side projects with app building in his free time. His long-term goal is to become a billionaire -- so watch out Mark Zuckerberg!

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