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Donnie W. had been working in the wireless industry in customer service and was laid off from his last job. He always had an interest in computers and technology since he was about 13 years old, but his interest was more in hardware. After Donnie was laid off from his last position, a friend told him about Sabio and shared with him the opportunities in the job market for software developers.

Donnie started the pre-work phase of the Sabio journey shortly after talking with his friend. At this point, he didn't have a college degree and felt like he was changing his life dramatically when he embarked on the journey to learn how to code. Donnie started pre-work in Culver City and attended coding bootcamp in Newport Beach studying with Aaron in Cohort 20.

"Aaron was really helpful especially because he could identify where everyone in our cohort was in their learning paths. He could direct us to where we needed to be to learn the material and write code," Donnie said. "And Aaron didn't leave anyone behind in the process."

Recently, Donnie was hired by a creative consulting company as a junior web developer, where he's mostly doing front end development. He found the job within two weeks of graduating from coding bootcamp and is now earning $15.00 more per hour than he was at his previous job.

Congrats Donnie!

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