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Kendra K. came to Sabio with limited technical experience and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from UC Berkeley. Her professional background has been in editing and writing. 

Hearst designed a program, SEED (Software Engineering Education and Development), with the purpose of helping employees who were looking for a change in their careers to obtain training and experience as a software developer. Hearst pays for its employees to attend a local coding bootcamp and then return to the company with a six-month paid internship. For the past eight years, Kendra had been working at Zynx Health, which is owned by the Hearst Corporation. 

Kendra applied to the SEED program, was accepted, and then enrolled in Sabio in Culver City. As an editor and writer, Kendra felt that her opportunities had become limited.

"Even though I had been promoted as a writer and editor in my current company, I had hit a wall and there weren't many more opportunities, so I was looking to do something where I would have room for growth," Kendra said.

Because Kendra's employer paid for the bootcamp course, paid her while she was in the course, and had an internship at her company waiting for her when she graduated from Sabio, she didn't have an excuse to not learn how to code.

When asked about her bootcamp experience at Sabio's Culver City location, Kendra said, "My instructor was Gregorio [Sabio's co-founder and CTO]. I'm so lucky that Gregorio was my instructor, not only for all of his technical expertise, but also for his practical experience about jobs and the industry. He gave us a lot tips about how a software developer should work and held us to a high standard."

Currently, Kendra is working in her technology internship at Zynx Health. When she completes her internship, her employer will help her find a technical position if she wants to continue this career track.

Congrats Kendra!

To learn more about Hearst Business Media's SEED Program, click here.

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