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"My Money, My Future" Co-Founder Shares Her Experience Working with Sabio Fellows

By Adriana - November 28, 2016 No Comments
My Money, My Future is a start up that aims to inform millennials of color about making financial decisions. The digital platform helps address the wealth gap that people of color experience relative to their white peers. Data shows that black and Latino families have less wealth than their white counterparts. In 2013, white families had median wealth of $141,900, while Latino families were at $13,700 and black families at $11,000.

Ramona Ortega launched the My Money, My Future platform last month and used Sabio fellows to help build the tool. Ramona is not technical, but she knew that she needed to find some developers to help her. She ended up meeting with Liliana Monge, Sabio's co-founder and CEO, and the Sabio team, and found that the team understood her mission. One of Sabio's goals is to bring people from underrepresented backgrounds into technology so that they can have a stronger financial future. Because Sabio and Ramona have similar goals, working together seemed logical.

Along the way to creating the My Money, My Future tool, Ramona worked with Sabio fellows at a last year's Rise New York Super Heroes vs. Master Hackers Hackathon. At that event, the Sabio team created an app that would help people who are under-documented (immigrants who might not have all of their papers) access banking resources.

"The developers who I worked with were diverse and easy to work with. Working with developers from Sabio is probably different from working with people coming out of a computer science program at an elite school, where those coders have a lot of different options. What I really liked was how easy it was to share my ideas for engaging my audience; I felt like we had a mutual understanding of what I am trying accomplish. Sabio developers are very team oriented, and this was helpful to me because I didn't feel like there were competing agendas or ideas," Ramona said.

Because the technical part of building the tool was taken care of and being worked on efficiently, Ramona was able to think about other things such as marketing, engagement, and strategy.

And this is what we like to hear -- stories from entrepreneurs who come to Sabio because our fellows are team oriented and easy to work with and can deliver a solid product. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build a website or app, reach out to Liliana or Gregorio for more information.

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