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Nancy was an elementary school teacher, but she decided to #LearnToCode

By Adriana - November 29, 2016 No Comments
Nancy N. had a relatively stable career as a public elementary school teacher for ten years, but she and her husband, Jimmy, who was working in a hospital as an electroencephalography (EEG) technician, wanted a new adventure. 

"I was already looking for a career change. My husband and I decided to go live abroad first. We went to Korea and taught for a year there and re-evaluated our lives. Before I had left, I had helped a private school create materials and shared an office with an officer of technology, who suggested that I consider computer programming," Nancy, Sabio Cohort 20 member.

While Nancy and Jimmy were teaching in Korea, they would play around with Python tutorials in their free time. They both enjoyed learning about computer programming with the free resources online. When they returned to the U.S., they started researching coding bootcamps in the area and found Sabio.

Nancy and Jimmy N. were the second couple to study in the same Sabio cohort, so they live and breathe coding and supported each other through the program. 

“We knew that coding bootcamp was going to be intense, but we set our minds to the task,” Nancy said. “You also have to get comfortable feeling ‘uncomfortable’ because you will not know what you are doing, but you are going to be solving problems that are new to you.”

Cohort 20 worked on a professional social media product and finished training at the end of September. This Cohort has experienced a very quick and high rate of job placement with all cohort members finding jobs within a month of finishing bootcamp.

Nancy found a job at a school district as a web content developer. Nancy will get to use her new technical skills and merge them with her educational background as she develops and creates content for administrative and instructional websites. 

Congrats Nancy! 

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