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Meet Varr, Sabio's New Full-Time Instructor in Orange County!

By Adriana - December 29, 2016 No Comments
Varr comes to Sabio with over a decade of technical experience. He's an Air Force veteran and holds a degree in electronic engineering. After serving in the military, Varr was a robotics technician for about a year, but he soon realized that he was not doing what he had envisioned for himself professionally.
When Varr was about 12 years old, he had taught himself some programming basics with the help of his father. He liked programming and was interested in software, but he didn't have any formal training. He knew that it would be a challenge to find a position where he could put those programming skills to use after working in robotics, but he did get lucky and found a start-up that was working on network attached storage devices and was hired. Varr found a mentor in that company in a man who taught computer science at a local college. From this initial position, he went on to learn more things related to software development. Eventually he got into web development, and Varr taught himself PHP, MySQL, and CSS. While doing this, Varr was able to work for a local college as a webmaster, an aerospace company, a DRUPAL based company, and an agency that designed websites for high profile clients with high traffic volume. Then Varr started his own company where he was building out e-commerce platforms and websites for his own clients. From that experience, he pivoted and started to create products, like plug-ins for websites.

Earlier this year, Varr discovered Sabio on Craig's List and from his initial interaction with Aaron Gibson, Sabio's VP of Engineering and head instructor in Orange County, he liked what he heard. Varr was already interested in philanthropy and giving back to the community. The Craig's List post was for becoming a pre-work instructor. One of his initial tasks in getting to know Sabio was to teach a classroom of Sabio fellows something. Varr was able to do this successfully and started as a pre-work instructor in April. Since the demand for coding bootcamp in Orange County has remained high, Sabio decided to expand to two cohorts running at the OC location. Varr will be instructing his own OC cohort starting January 3.

Varr's own story is inspiring because he was largely self-taught and learned software development through on the job experience. He also exemplifies how military veterans can successfully transition into coding as a career.

Congrats on being promoted from pre-work instructor to a regular full-time instructor Varr!

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