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Will used to be a Music Recording Engineer and Mixer, Now He's a Software Developer

By Adriana - December 14, 2016 No Comments
Will S. used to work as a music recording engineer. He had established himself working with prominent recording artists and even did a stint working with American Idol. While working in the music industry, there was a change in leadership in one of the companies that Will was working for and his pay was cut. For awhile, Will struggled, but he always was interested in technology. Even in music, he was always around technology, but he had figured out enough to build a basic website for himself.

One of Will's friends who was up in the Bay Area suggested that he try to attend bootcamp and then move up to San Francisco. Moving up north didn't appeal to Will, but he maintained his interest in attending bootcamp. After doing some research online and reading the reviews on CourseReport, Will found Sabio and attended an info session. Sabio ended up being very convenient and accessible because it was only four miles from his house.
"Gregorio [Sabio's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer] made an incredible impression. I found myself judging all of the bootcamps that I looked at based on what he said in that meeting. I was given a benchmark to judge other programs. I eventually came back to Sabio and said this was it," Will said.

Since completing bootcamp, Will became the second in his cohort to receive a job offer. Currently, he's working as a developer at Mathnasium working for the IT department. He is working on developing internal business apps for the company, and he's earning better money than he was in audio engineering.

"The work that I'm doing is fun and challenging, and I'm learning a lot and am still feeling very productive," Will said.

When asked who he would recommend to attend bootcamp, Will offered this, "I think that Sabio can be for anyone, and I think that Gregorio, Liliana, and the rest of the crew make it accessible to everyone. You don't to need to have an interest in computers, but that really helps. The one thing that I strongly caution against is anybody who thinks that they are going to be taught how to code -- you are going to be taught to learn how to code. This is an important distinction because you have to do the videos and the exercises on your own to really grasp it."

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