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This past Saturday four Sabio fellows attended a workshop that was organized by Apple. This workshop was a private lab hosted by Apple to promote its latest programming language, Swift. Workshops like this are part of the professional development that Sabio likes to plug their fellows into because the learning doesn't stop after bootcamp graduation.
Jazmine, a Sabio fellow, was one of the fellows who attended the iOS workshop.

"I learned how to make iOS apps using Swift. I had no prior experience with this language or the software. But it was easy to pick up! The syntax was slightly different than what we already know from Sabio pre-work, and the Xcode program was very user friendly. At Sabio, you're constantly being pushed to learn, and it was refreshing to experience that hard work paying off. I saw how other attendees were struggling, and I remembered that was me not too long ago. I realized that I gained not only applicable skills but a foundation to pick up other technologies," Jazmine said.

Max, another Sabio fellow, who attended the workshop also felt that his Sabio training helped him in Saturday's workshop.

"Sabio's training equipped me to understand and retain the information given. I was able to pick up on the lesson quickly and experiment on my own," Max said.

The commitment at Sabio extends well beyond bootcamp, and Gregorio and the instructional team are always looking for new opportunities for Sabio fellows to expand their knowledge.

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