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Sabio has a track recording of sending fellows to the Microsoft LEAP Engineering Acceleration Program (LEAP). Microsoft LEAP is an immersive 16 week paid program that provides participants with real world development experience. The goal of the apprenticeship program is to not only provide development experience but to foster inclusivity and support diversity at Microsoft.
Lyrana H. is a Sabio fellow who is currently participating in Microsoft LEAP Cohort Four. She heard about the program from Sabio, applied and went through the interview process, and was selected. She started the program in November. Before starting the program, she had been working full-time for about seven months as a software developer.

Participants in Microsoft LEAP are paid, so participants aren't losing anything by attending. The program is structured so that in the first five weeks, participants are in a classroom and working on small projects. From there, participants go to their sponsoring team within Microsoft. The organizers of the program approach teams within the company asking them if they would like to sponsor a LEAP apprentice.

Lyrana was selected by the security team in Microsoft, and she will be working on Azure, a data security platform. She's excited because she hasn't worked on security issues in depth.

"Doing Sabio has really helped me in LEAP because I already know C#, the language that I will be using in my team. Some of my peers who went to other bootcamps are having a different experience because they didn't come from a C# .NET background. They are spending more time learning a new language. Sabio is a .NET stack bootcamp, and that has been beneficial for me," Lyrana said.

At the end of the 16 week LEAP program, LEAP apprentices have an opportunity to be hired or to have their contract extended pending opportunities within Microsoft. Lyrana is excited about what she can look forward to at the end of the program, whether she's offered a position at Microsoft or not.

"Regardless, I will have Microsoft on my resume, so that's exciting for me," Lyrana said.

Lyrana encourages Sabio fellows to apply to Microsoft LEAP because it gives them a good glimpse into Microsoft's corporate structure and because with Sabio training under their belt, there's a good chance that they will be accepted.

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