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Zach R. was working for a software company as an applications analyst and special projects manager. He had a track record of working for software companies, but he wasn't a full-stack developer. Formally, Zach's undergraduate education was in political science. Before getting into the tech industry, he was on a path to attend law school.
With a desire to earn more money, Zach decided it was time to learn software development. Fortunately, the company that he was working with was supportive of his professional growth and was able to help him pay for part of the cost for coding bootcamp.

Zach attended Sabio in Newport Beach, studying under Aaron and Varr in Cohort 23.

"They were fantastic. I got a lot of individualized attention. Aaron and Varr take a lot of time figuring out how you learn, so they can find the best way to reach you. It was a lot of work, and I put in a lot of hours, but the instruction was great. I could get in touch with my instructors and ask questions whenever I needed," Zach said.

Since graduating from Sabio, Zach has received a $15,000/year raise.

Zach thinks about coding like any other trade and has some advice for people who are thinking about making the switch to software development professionally.

"Coding bootcamp is the perfect way to get the experience you need to become a software developer. You can learn all the theory you want in any educational program, but until you get a hammer in your hand and take something a part and then rebuild it, you won't really know how it works," Zach said.

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