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Profesional Development: Sabio Fellows Participate in Fundamentals Workshop

By Adriana - February 24, 2017 No Comments
At Sabio, we pride ourselves on offering continuing development workshops to our current fellows and graduates. Professional development workshops are part of our five year commitment to our fellows because we want our graduates to continue to build upon the skills that they learned in our bootcamp program.

Earlier this week, Sabio fellows had the opportunity to attend an fundamentals workshop. Ben Ilegbodu presented to a room-full of developers, including Sabio alumni.

Ben introduced the latest JavaScript features included in the ES6 rollout. He walked through a brief JavaScript history and explained the new features' usefulness and implementation syntax. Ben answered questions and helped the Sabio community understand some of the more fundamental points that many developers may take for granted in their daily experience with the coding language. In addition, Ben provided a suite of exercises written in Node.js. The objective of the exercises was for developers to solve "broken" code by implementing the ES6 features that they learned during the presentation.

Max Munguia, a full-stack developer who graduated from Sabio last year, attended the workshop and said, "The workshop was a great success. Ben Ilegbodu is a friendly teacher. I'm thankful to Sabio for organizing such an enriching experience."

Jamar Sanders, a front-end developer, who finished his Sabio training last fall, also attended the workshop that Ben Ilegbodu presented and offered this, "If I'm being honest I'm always happier when I see another black successful coder so I may be a little biased. But the seminar was cool, he kept it fresh mixing the lecture with memes and sports/pop culture references which is cool knowing the material is already a lot to take in. I was already learning es6, but he definitely made it a lot clearer. I hope Sabio brings him around more often."

Bringing experienced and successful coders to share their knowledge is what the Sabio community is all about. We grow with our alumni, and we continue the learning process.

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