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Sabio Coding Bootcamp vs. UCI Coding Bootcamp

By Adriana - February 2, 2017 No Comments
There's a new coding bootcamp in Orange County. UC Irvine's Division of Continuing Education (formerly Extension) is starting its own coding bootcamp, seeking to capitalize on the high demand for software developers in Southern California. Sabio has been operating in Orange County for a little over a year. For bootcamp candidates who might be considering UCI's Coding Bootcamp, we wanted to offer some comparisons for you.
Track Record

Let's talk about UCI and the Division of Continuing Education for a minute. The Division of Continuing Education is separate from the main campus, which offers baccalaureate degrees and advanced degrees. Continuing Education typically offers certificates and programs for working adults. Students on main campus can take classes at the Division of Continuing Education, but it is not the same as taking classes in a degree program. The Division of Continuing Education often enrolls anyone who is willing to pay for a course, and these courses are not taught by full-time faculty.

Now that we have established that Continuing Education is different from taking courses by UCI faculty. Sabio has been successfully providing software engineering education through coding bootcamps for three years and uses full-time instructors who average about a decade of professional experience as software engineers. UCI is just getting into this space, and it's partnering with Trilogy Education Services, an outfit that is known for setting up bootcamps that colleges and universities can brand with their own name. According to UCI, the instructors that it uses have at least five years of experience.

Class Size

Sabio caps cohort size at 10 so students receive a lot of individualized instruction. UCI's Coding Bootcamp caps its cohorts at 25 students. Therefore, UCI Coding Bootcamp students will have to compete with their classmates for instructor attention.

Professional Support

UCI Coding Bootcamp is saying that it is offering professional development and helps with resume writing and job placement, but because it is a new program, we don't know what the program's job placement rate is.

Sabio is committed to providing five years of professional development for its fellows and invites them back for continued training at no additional cost, encourages participating in hackathons, and the instructors are accessible even after graduation for consistent one-on-one mentorship. Sabio's co-founders are committed to helping their graduates reach a salary of at least $100,000. UCI Coding Bootcamp doesn't make that commitment or claim. And Sabio has a 90%+ job placement rate in the field.

Sabio Fellows Work on Real Projects vs. UCI Coding Bootcamp's Final Project

When you study at Sabio, you are going to work on a real project for a real entrepreneur because we aren't just a coding bootcamp -- we're a web development shop as well. UCI has students work on a final project in a small group, so you don't know if the project will ever be used in the real world, and the UCI students probably won't get to interact with the people who will be using whatever it is that they are building.


This is where UCI beats us. UCI's Coding Bootcamp costs $9,500, while Sabio's full-stack bootcamp is $15,450. But Sabio's program is full-time. UCI's is not. Sabio is immersive, and you get more for your dollar because of the way we design the program from pre-work to professional development. If you are already going to spend close to $10,000, you might as well spend more, get more, and walk away satisfied.

When you attend Sabio, you join a web developer community. UCI's Coding Bootcamp doesn't give any impression that it's creating a community that will support its students in the long-run. UCI is banking on its name as an educational provider in the country, and that's fine. While colleges and universities are good at providing degree programs, they aren't necessarily good at responding to tech industry needs, which is why these institutions are behind in entering the coding bootcamp space.

Finally, if you do want to earn a degree or have the college experience while learning how to code, we have an excellent partnership with Antioch University Los Angeles. For more information, please click here.

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