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Sarah F. recently graduated from Sabio’s Cohort 23 in Newport Beach.   

How does an English major from an Ivy League school proceeding along the path of becoming a teacher/professor suddenly shift gears and pursue a software engineering career? Sarah made the switch. And she did it without returning to a university to earn an computer science or electrical engineering degree. Instead, she went to Sabio after becoming interested in technology when she was working at an education technology company. The Sabio experience not only taught her the how, what, and where. The Sabio experience nurtured her brainpower and helped her accelerate those abilities to the degree that Sarah is now a professional software engineer.

While Sarah was still in Sabio’s bootcamp, she collaborated with four other Sabio teammates to win the first prize at the USC hackathon in November 2016. Using her original idea to architect and develop a web application titled SweepSmart, Sarah and her team designed an application that offers Los Angeles residents a streamlined solution to determine their parked car’s location, and opt in to receive text reminders to move their vehicle before relevant LA City street sweeping times. This clever tool assists users to avoid being ticketed by the dreaded Los Angeles Parking Enforcement that aggressively looks for illegally parked cars.

In between that triumph, Sarah labored with her cohort to build a scalable MVP (Minimal Viable Product) application that empowers users to tap into their social network to discover the best local places to eat and socialize, as curated by friends and other experts. The application is called Go Where I Go. Sarah was directly responsible for all the layers of the "Missions" feature, which allows users to create customizable lists from their bookmarked places, upload cover photos, browse itineraries, and RSVP to events. While working on Go Where I Go, Sarah was able to refine her ASP.NET and C# coding skills, while using JavaScript Library tools, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Angular JS. Sarah credits her bootcamp instructors with helping her learn quickly while working on a product with a real world use.  

"One of the reasons why I chose Sabio was the fact that our instructors had years and years of experience. Some other bootcamps funnel their graduates in as instructors, but Sabio doesn't do that. Aaron and Varr are great. They gave us the opportunity to work through problems on our own, but I could always ask them for help. Both instructors were supportive and did a great job of keeping the cohort morale up,” Sarah said. 

In February 2017, Sarah’s software engineering career took another giant step forward. She joined Betagig as a software engineer. This new platform is streamlining the process of job shadowing, allowing students and people interested in switching careers to discover new opportunities. Betagig was founded by two Sabio graduates, Nicki and Melissa

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