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Sabio's co-founder and CEO, Liliana Monge, had the opportunity as a teen to participate in the "A Better Chance" program, which identifies talented but economically challenged students with opportunities to attend private prep boarding schools and day schools so that they have a better chance to pursue a college education.

Jill H. Mays was Liliana's host mom when she was in this program. Liliana had grown up in South Gate in Los Angeles's Southeast County. Lili went across the country for this program to live in Connecticut. Jill impressed upon Lili that she should have explore a career where she should have autonomy, be able to make decisions, and give back to the community. Now that Lili is involved in running Sabio and making key business decisions every day, it's obvious to see the impact that Jill's advice has had on her career trajectory.

"It is a complete honor to be involved in this scholarship. I had attended the University of Pennsylvania in the '70s, which was at the forefront of women's studies. While it wasn't my major, I was very influenced by that and continued to be involved in supporting women throughout my life," Jill said.

The Jill H. Mays scholarship is open to all women who are new applicants to Sabio. It provides $1,500 off of Sabio tuition. For more information, click here.

"I'm happy that we have established a scholarship to support women in Jill's name. She has had a profound influence on my life, and I know that our program has changed lives and has made huge differences in terms of earning power for the women who have learned to code in our program," Liliana Monge said.

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