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Sabio Fellows Represent at Facebook's Annual F8 Developer Conference

By Adriana - April 26, 2017 No Comments
Last week a group of Sabio fellows attended Facebook's Annual F8 Developer Conference in San Jose, California. F8 provides developers with an opportunity to network with executives and other engineers, and it gives Facebook an opportunity to announce changes to its platform and other developments. This is precisely the kind of professional development that Sabio encourages and wants its fellows to participate in.

Max M. graduated from Sabio last year, and he's been working as a professional software developer for a little over a year now. He attended F8 and shared the following about the growth of Facebook and how it is breaking out from its perception as being a social media platform to offering event more:

"Facebook has branched out into network connectivity by providing internet to rural areas around the world and latest and greatest fields: A.I. and A.R./V.R.. Respectively, Artificial/Automated Intelligence is clearly the future, and Augmented / Virtual Reality is an emerging content market. The whole theme of this year's conference was focused on Augmented Reality. Headset demos and 360 virtual experiences were galore in the 'Developer Garage' section of the conference. Talks and speeches kept us engaged with the latest trends and technologies. What's more, free food and coffee flowed the entire time. The highlight for me was the surprise concert by Chance The Rapper, a major artist in the hip-hop community right now," Max said.

Sarah F., who recently graduated from Cohort 23, also attended F8 with her Sabio colleagues, and she was impressed by the customer service value of Facebook Messenger.

"I was surprised to learn from the conference that Facebook Messenger has been incredibly successful not just as a way to message between friends, but also to facilitate business-to-customer relations. I had no idea that this form of usage was so popular, and that businesses actually reported increased productivity and customer satisfaction when using Messenger," Sarah said.

"That was interesting for me to hear, especially as someone who has previously worked in customer/tech support, and I think it just goes to show how it's becoming increasingly common for us to blend social life and commerce/business, but also how customers probably crave, and nowadays demand, a more personable, approachable, or 'authentic' experience when interacting with businesses," Sarah explained.

Sabio makes a five year commitment to its fellows, and that commitment includes mentoring and exposing the fellows to professional development workshops and conferences. When you study at Sabio, you aren't just attending a bootcamp and learning new skills, you are joining a network that supports your professional development. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at F8 this year. Personally, I must thank Sabio for extending a ticket to me. I am ever-grateful for the opportunities that Sabio provides for its alumni. I look forward to more events like this in the future," Max said.

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