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Sabio Graduated Five Cohorts of Software Developers on April 1

By Adriana - April 10, 2017 No Comments
Graduation from Sabio coding bootcamp used to be a small, intimate affair, where there were less than 30 people. It was typically just the cohort and maybe some significant others and maybe a few parents. Now Sabio graduations have grown to 100 people + events. 

On April 1, 2017, Sabio graduated Cohorts 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 in Orange, California at Dave and Busters. This event was the largest graduation in Sabio history, and it was the first graduation for our Node.js cohort. 

All Sabio fellows who graduated received the Sabio hoodie, which is reserved only for our developers. The hoodie, while comfortable and warm when coding in chilled offices and late at night, is only bestowed to developers who make it through the entire program successfully. 

“This past weekend in sunny Orange County, I had the honor of graduating from Sabio code school. I immediately noticed it was completely different from any other graduation I've had in life. Traditional graduates typically expect to receive a diploma or document, but instead, I received the coveted Sabio hoodie that every alum proudly wears! It was incredibly exciting to eat, drink, and network with all the graduating fellows across Southern California. And of course, the atmosphere inside the private Dave and Busters room was full of contagious energy just like how Sabio always is. Congratulations to all the graduating fellows and congratulations to the founders for a very smooth and successful event! It will be a graduation I'll never forget,” Jameel Matin, a Cohort 26 Node.js graduate and U.S. Marine Corps veteran. 

Ariana Rodriguez, who graduated on Saturday with Cohort 25 said, “It's amazing what you can do in three months when you have the support and guidance of people who genuinely care about your future. That's what Sabio is! Being able to celebrate the end of bootcamp with all the people who went on this journey with me was bittersweet! Thank you Sabio for this experience that changed my life in the best possible way."

Jimmy Nguyen, a recent graduate of Cohort 20 who attended this weekend’s graduation, added, “It was obvious that the cohorts have really bonded while learning and working on projects together for the past three months. You could feel how excited everyone was to graduate, but also how much they would miss working so closely together.” 

Max Munguia, a software engineer who graduated from Sabio last year, continues to attend Sabio graduations. “Every graduate has their own story. Many came from out of state to attend the Sabio program. They all have one thing in common: each person survived the grueling coding bootcamp and will soon begin a fulfilling programming career. Most of the new graduates will go on to accept wonderful job offers and work on innovative projects that may shape the future. At least, that was my experience upon graduating Sabio. I am so glad I did, which is why I continue to attend graduations,” Max said. 

At Sabio, we have always said that we are more than just a bootcamp. We are a family, and our commitment to our fellows does not end with graduation. 

“We have grown remarkably in the past three years that our graduations have become larger and more festive. That we have multiple cohorts running, two different stacks, and fellows who join us from out of state to learn to code and join the Sabio family is amazing. We have grown so much as a bootcamp and as a thriving family of tech professionals. Seeing our fellows graduate and celebrate after weeks of intense training is one of the most rewarding things for me professionally,” said Liliana Monge, Sabio’s Co-founder and CEO. 

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