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At Sabio, we have always worked to be transparent about our graduation rates and commitment to our fellows. This is why Sabio worked to be approved by state regulators last year in securing approval by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). And it is also why Sabio recently joined with a coalition of coding programs throughout the nation to publish student graduation and job placement data in a single, standardized framework that includes truth in advertising standards through the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR).

This week Sabio was one of two coding bootcamps to publish outcome results that are compliant with CIRR. You can read about our high post-graduation employment rate and median salary for fellows here. Hackreactor was the other bootcamp that published results. They are located in Austin and in San Francisco, which are areas where Sabio doesn’t currently operate.

In all of Southern California, Sabio is the only coding bootcamp that is both BPPE approved and in compliance with CIRR. None of our competitor coding schools in the Southern California region have this distinction. If you are considering a coding bootcamp, you should ask yourself about state approval and whether the program you exploring publishes graduation and job placement rates that comply with the CIRR. Even if a school has made a commitment to join the CIRR, you need to ask if it has published its data -- many of them have not yet done so.

Liliana Monge, the co-founder and CEO of Sabio, said, “It speaks volumes that our bootstrapped coding bootcamp has gone through the rigorous process of both securing BPPE approval for both of our Southern California campuses in Culver City and Newport Beach and becoming CIRR compliant. Gregorio [Sabio’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer] and I have the best intentions for helping our fellows and have been and are committed to remaining 100% transparent with all students and governing agencies.”

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