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David L. graduated with Sabio Cohort 16. David arrived at Sabio with an undergraduate degree in Global Studies from UCLA and work experience operating an eCommerce company that sold coffee machines and other coffee related items.

After graduating from Sabio last summer, David worked professionally as a contractor building a web application for Superior Court judges reviewing their case calendars and workload management. That experience allowed him to professionally refine his JavaScript, Angular, CSS, and HTML skills. Once that assignment was completed, David applied for and was accepted into the prestigious Microsoft LEAP Engineering Acceleration Program. Formally known as Industry Explorers, this sixteen week program combines traditional classroom learning with in-house projects that give participants real-world innovative development experience.

A lifelong resident of Southern California, David packed up and moved to Seattle, Washington for the sixteen-week program. While at Microsoft, his classroom instruction further prepared him for complex cutting-edge web assignments to the degree he is now comfortable coding on enterprise applications. The whole working experience at Microsoft also reinforced how well Sabio prepared him for this engineering experience. David’s confidence in his coding abilities soared while he worked at Microsoft. David just finished the LEAP program last week.

“I worked and socialized with software engineers who spent four years in universities earning electrical engineering and computer science degrees. And in our down time, we always talked shop, comparing our approaches to various application solutions that we were tackling on a daily basis. Sabio’s bootcamp thoroughly prepared me for this and made me realize that I was just as competitive as people who had degrees in computer science and engineering,” David said.

The Microsoft experience has fueled David’s plans to remain in Seattle. He now considers himself a genuine real-life software engineer. There are two software engineering opportunities that he is interviewing for. His experience at Sabio has prepared him for a challenging and rewarding career, and now he has experience working at Microsoft on his resume. Even though he’s in a new city, David is confident that he will find a software engineering position soon.

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