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Tim Used His GI Bill Benefits to #LearnToCode

By Adriana - April 17, 2017 No Comments
Tim R. is a United States Marine Corps veteran. When he was in the military, Tim was a helicopter technical expert. When he got out of the Marines, he had trouble finding work doing what he did in the military because he didn't have a college degree. Tim even worked in car sales for some time after the military and was planning on pursuing aviation to build upon what he had learned in the military.

Tim had always been good with computers and had some exposure to coding in high school and in the military. One of his friends, who was a self-taught programmer, suggested that Tim look at coding bootcamps to learn how to code so that he could have more opportunities. Tim found Sabio because it was one of the few bootcamps that accepts GI Bill benefits. At the time, Tim was in San Diego, and Sabio's Orange County location made the most sense for him to learn how to code. Tim said that without the GI Bill, he probably wouldn't have learned how to code in a bootcamp.

Fortunately, Tim was in a cohort where one of the instructors had a similar military experience to his own, so he found the instruction to be relatable. Tim appreciated that the program was quick and wasn't going to take three or four years to earn a degree.

"You could tell immediately the quality that the instructors bring. I was concerned about this because of the reviews that I had read about some bootcamps that funnel graduates into teaching," Tim said.

Now that he's finished bootcamp, Tim has better job prospects. He received a job offer before the last day of his coding bootcamp, and his salary has almost doubled.

Tim recently accepted a position with a financial data company. He will be working with some of the same technologies that he learned at Sabio.

Congrats Tim!

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