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Derrick C. has a degree in business administration and management. Before he decided to learn how to code, he was working in business to business sales selling internet service. He was around technology, but not immersed in creating it.

Some friends who were working in tech encouraged him to look at coding bootcamps, and after doing some research, Derrick ended up at Sabio's Newport Beach location. He recently graduated with Cohort 27 in April and was offered a job within a month of graduating. Derick now has a job as a .NET developer where he will be earning twice what he was earning when he was working in sales. The Sabio experience has been a game changer for Derrick.

"I would tell anyone who is interested in coding to go to an info session and ask questions. As you start to ask questions, you will get an idea about the training program and what to expect. Sabio has given me the skills to not only earn more money in the job market, but a foundation to build upon so I can learn more programming languages," Derrick said.

Congrats Derrick!

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