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Ariana R. arrived at Sabio’s bootcamp with an undergraduate degree from UCLA in applied mathematics with a minor in statistics. She had always wanted to be in tech, and decided that Sabio would be her leap into the field. 

With time, Ariana became convinced that information technology and technical skills were the necessary tools to keep her head above water monetarily. Determined to learn software programming, she marked a path that led directly to local coding bootcamps. Sabio instantly presented itself to her as the best software coding program in the Los Angeles area. She selected Sabio because the bootcamp curriculum is project based.

While still studying with cohort 25, Ariana participated in the Expedition hackathon. That experience alone presented its own immediate challenges because it forced the team to utilize Python, which isn’t taught in Sabio’s bootcamp. Now professionally employed as a software engineer, Ariana is now preparing to compete in a hackathon for ZipRecruiter. Hackathons give Sabio an opportunity to highlight its instructional community preparation expertise. As coding teams intellectually compete with one another, these competitions test the fellows’ newly acquired coding skills in a public setting.

Ariana's math background did come in handy when she was in bootcamp because she was already used to applying logic.

"I think my math degree did help me a lot. Math trains your brain to think logically and helps you think out of the box to solve problems. When applying this way of thinking to coding, it helped me pick up the language and understand what I was coding much faster," Ariana said.

Ariana recently was hired by the PDG Group, a technology consulting firm that specializes in the media and entertainment industry. Her title is an associate software engineer. Currently, her task is focused on a PDG Group client, Jafra Cosmetics performing backend SQL/Server programming.

“It’s really rewarding that I did this in three months. It’s empowering to know that you can do a lot for yourself in a short amount of time,” Ariana said of her Sabio experience.

Ariana now dreams in code. As a software engineer, she hopes to inspire young women to excel in tech and eliminate any doubt related to their success in a male dominated field.

Congrats Ariana!

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