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How does someone with a literature degree become a web developer?

By Adriana - May 15, 2017 No Comments
Glen P. was working doing financial research, but he wasn't really happy with the direction of his career. He had graduated with a degree in modern literature at the height of the financial crisis, so he didn't have the luxury of being selective about the job that he would ultimately end up in before learning how to code. After six years on the job, Glen quit his job and started to explore his options by volunteering, reading, and learning as much as he could about a bunch of topics that he was interested in.

Eventually, Glen found his way back to computers. He had a little bit of experience with building websites for friends and family, but he wasn't formally trained. He ended up finding Sabio after looking on CourseReport for coding bootcamps.

"After I met Gregorio [Sabio's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer], I pretty much decided that I was going to Sabio," Glen said.

Now Glen has a job building tools for a video game company. He is trained in the .NET stack and is positioned to learn more programming languages.

When asked how someone with a background in literature and who has not had technical jobs can transition to software development Glen offered the following,"I would say definitely go to an info session. Try coding out on your own first, and shop around. I encourage you to do your research. Making the transition to technology is definitely doable and rewarding. You can learn so much in a short amount of time once you make the commitment."

Congrats Glen!

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