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Operation Code is an non-profit organization, which was founded in 2014 by retired U.S. Army Captain David Molina after he couldn’t use his New GI Bill to go to code school. He originally created Operation Code to lobby Congress to expand the New GI Bill to include coding bootcamps and since then has built an all-decentralized and remote community focusing on getting more U.S. military veterans into technology careers. In 2015 Sabio began collaborating with this great nonprofit and has had a strong and long-lasting relationship since then. In 2016, Sabio and Operation Code collaborated on a joint event, VetsHack event, a hackathon that was devoted to finding solutions to problems that veterans encounter once they enter the civilian world.

As Operation Code has grown, the organization’s need for a web platform to coordinate employer hiring and web projects has become more apparent. This is where Sabio comes in. Sabio routinely builds websites and apps for organizations and businesses at a reduced cost. What’s the catch? The new app is built by a cohort of Sabio fellows, majority veterans, and is led by an instructor who has years of tech industry experience.
Deploy is a tool that Sabio is creating for the Operation Code leadership team and membership base. Deploy will be a veteran marketplace to help get veterans hired, and it will do that by building a job marketplace around veteran hiring, focusing on companies that seek out veterans, and by getting veterans trained so that they are prepared to enter the tech industry. The goal is for any veteran who wants to get into tech to be a user of the Deploy platform.

Veterans will be able to search for and apply for jobs via Deploy. Additionally, veterans will be able to receive mentorship via the platform with users grouping themselves together into squads, which is similar to how the veterans operated in teams in the military. Within Deploy, there will also be a project management tool that will help veterans with their own web development projects.

“Let’s say a client approaches Operation Code and asks for help in building an app. The admins for the Deploy site will post a job with the description of what the client is looking for and veterans will be able to respond to the posting and even get started on the project within the platform,” said Phil Percesepe, a prior service Marine who went through Sabio’s coding bootcamp and who is working on the project.

The overall goal of Deploy is to provide an efficient way to increase mentorship and employment, but the project management dashboard is something that will enable veterans to get help and to get the job done once they find an opportunity.

Deploy is expected to go live in a few months. Four of the fellows who are working on the Deploy app are veterans themselves, so they know what their peers are looking for in terms of the utility of the tool. To learn more about Operation Code, click here.

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